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Two Pens on Notebook



Send us your story or script and we'll review your submission, prepare a two-page report and then chat to you about your work for an hour either face-to-face, at a location and time agreed with the mentor, or via Skype.

This is a great way to chat through your concept and approach, and to help you identify the main areas which need attention going forward, without shelling out for a full report. In most cases, a mentor can identify where you need to focus your energies from reading just an extract and your synopsis. 

If you wish, the mentor can discuss a plan to take your story forward. Our mentors love to work with authors as they generate ideas and write their first full draft, as well as helping authors develop and hone complete manuscripts. We can work with you so long as you have 5,000 words and a rough idea of where you would like your story to go.

Send us your first 10,000 words, synopsis and pitch.

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